Why Did I Choose AMS, A Makers Studio

Why did I choose A Makers Studio?

A Makers Studio, AMS

A Makers Studio products are phenomenal.  I love the quality and variety of products we carry at AMS; but even more important to me are the company's values and mission.  Making a difference in people’s lives and seeing their excitement when they not only create beautiful pieces, but also when we connect with one another makes my heart smile.

God placed me in this company because He knew that not only was it a perfect fit for me creatively, but also spiritually. I love that we openly support and pray for one another. It’s refreshing that Amy, the owner, encourages us in our spiritual walks and pours into us mentoring us in our businesses as well.

Difference Maker Candles

Help AMS End Human Trafficking

One of A Makers Studio‘s goals is to help end human trafficking. Women rescued from the horrors of human trafficking are our Artisan Candle Makers. They hand pour all of the AMS Difference Makers Candles. They are so appreciative of their blessings and take pride in their work.

I can’t wait to see where God takes us on this journey. I am at Home with A Makers Studio.

Home with AMS, A Makers Studio
Welcome Home

Want to join our A Makers Studio Family?  I would love to answer any questions you may have.