Learning versus Implementing

Learning Versus Implementing

I've always loved learning new things. We often spend our time “learning” instead of doing. Learning is a good thing, and we should always be striving to better ourselves; however, in order to be successful we have to IMPLEMENT what we learn. We have to realize that there is NOT a specific course, ebook, or other person that can do the work for us. YOU and I have to take the chance, do the work, and continue learning WHILE implementing. 

Chalk Couture has given me the confidence to take my business to the next level and also the opportunity to mentor an amazing TEAM. I am humbled and thankful every day to be part of the wonderful, supportive group of ladies who make up the Create & Chalk Team. These ladies range from hobbyists to business builders. I love that there is a place for every level in Chalk Couture. Each and every one contributes to the team in their own way.

I continue to hold craft workshops (mostly wood signs) and create custom orders that aren't related to Chalk Couture, but the flexibility that Chalk Couture has given me to work my business how I want and create beautiful finished products is what has given me the confidence to implement all of the things I've learned through the years and grow both personally and professionally in so many ways!

Whether you decide you want to join our Create & Chalk Team, or say now isn't the right time for you, that is okay. Either way, I want to encourage you to become an Implementer not just a Learner.


If you join our Team, I can't promise you overnight success, but I can promise you that you will get amazing training, great products, and support to help you be successful. I never dreamed a decision made in September 2017 would impact my life in such a positive way.