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Become a Difference Maker with A Makers Studio

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The Journey with A Makers Studio is really quite simple… make with joy, teach with passion, mentor with love, and serve with grace.  As a result, we are able to make a difference in not only our own lives, but the lives of others.

As a Maker, I wake up every day with a purpose.  My creativity and passion to continue to build my own business while encouraging other women is my purpose. I love that AMS offers all of the support and tools needed to become a stronger creative while also encouraging me in my spiritual life as well.

Have you been on the fence about joining our A Makers Studio Family?  If so, I’m offering a special incentive for anyone who joins my team this weekend.   This offer expires midnight Eastern time February 24, 2019.  Visit my website to take your first step today!

Why Did I Become A Maker?

I love the product quality and variety of products that A Maker Studio offers, however, that isn't all that drew me to this company. The founder of AMS, Amy Howard, is a renowned furniture maker, painter, and interior decorator with over 30 years experience. Amy incorporates her Faith into this company and encourages us in our spiritual walks while also mentoring us in our businesses.

One of A Makers Studio's goals is to help end human trafficking. AMS employs amazing women who have been rescued from the horrors of human trafficking. These women have been trained and are Artisan Candle Makers. They hand pour all of our Difference Makers Candles and are grateful for their freedom. A Makers Studio's values and mission are inline with my own values and beliefs. I would love to have you join our team. Feel free to message me on Facebook or contact me here on the website if I can answer any questions for you.

Want To Try A Sample?

I have some samples available for sale if you would like to try out some of our products. You can find the information over at this blog post.