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Have you been heard about this new company called A Makers' Studio and wanted to try out the products, but have been hesitant to make a purchase? Now's your chance to try a sample of ChalkArt and a mesh stencil from A Makers’ Studio for only $9.95 (FREE SHIPPING). You will also receive a small spreader and wood box frame.

Why ChalkART and Stencils?

A Makers' Studio ChalkArt™ is all about versatility. ChalkArt is a water-based chalk paste that can easily be used to customize wood, glass, plastic, and nearly any other non-porous surface. ChalkArt dries in about 15 minutes. You can easily clean ChalkArt off with a wet rag; however, if you want to make your designs permanent apply our Matte Sealer or spray with your favorite polycrylic sealer.

A Makers Studio ChalkArt

These patented Tri-Mesh adhesive stencils can be combined with a variety of surfaces to create endlessly customized DIY home décor. Use them in conjunction with our ChalkArt, Rescue Restore Paint, and gilding for a variety of design options. These stencils can be used multiple times on almost any surface. Simple to clean using water.

Grace Gather Grateful Stencil

Join in the fun of customizing weddings and events, hostessing like a pro with beautifully designed placemats, creating magazine-worthy furniture updates, and more. Get your ChalkArt and Stencil Sample now while supplies last.

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