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Hi,  I'm Kim!

Thanks for stopping by! I'm a long-time military spouse, mom of two teenage boys, and creative soul.  I currently live near Waco, Texas with my family and our 3 dachshunds.  

Being a military spouse for more than 21 years and a mom for 19 of those,  I know the struggles brought on by military moves, deployments, and having to start over with every move.  I also know the need to find a way to earn income while being a stay-at-home mom and the worry that accompanies deployments and work travel.

I started working when I was in high school as a sales associate for JC Penney and worked there through part of college.  When my hubby went off to Officer Training School, I passed the time as an office administrator for a mortgage broker who was also a travel agent.  Then, when Paul was in pilot training I had the privilege of being an office clerk/accounting clerk for a Precision Casting Company.  I am forever grateful for the Office Manager who took me under her wing and became a second mom to me.  This was our first move so far from home, and it was definitely an adjustment.  I have also been both a bookkeeper and office administrator for a medical software company and also a large church.  I even worked reception for a pain management company and an optometrist.  Needless to say, I have years of experience under my belt and LOVE people.  These were all awesome jobs, but they weren't my passion. 

I've been a crafter for many years and sign-maker for about 5 years.  I'm excited to say that I am currently living one of my lifelong dreams.  I was the co-owner of a local brick and mortar studio for over a year.  At the studio we specialized in classes where people could come in, and we would help bring their Pinterest inspired ideas to life.  After much thought and prayer, I eventually chose to pay my business partner so that I could leave our partnership and focus on being more present for our teenagers as they venture into adulthood.  Looking back I know this was the right choice because my sons needed me more than I knew at the time.  I am now traveling again to people's homes and/or public venues sharing my love of teaching others and helping them create beautiful home decor.

There were a few other jobs smattered through the years mainly direct sales related.  I swore I would NEVER join another direct sales company.  WELL…. never say never.  

I am thrilled that God brought A Makers' Studio into my life.  This company is very similar to another company I was previously working with, yet very different.  I joined AMS in Feb 2019, and know I am where I am supposed to be.  I love that AMS is about more than making pretty things.  This company is about making a difference in people's lives, and we are making a difference.  It isn't just about making pretty things, it's about getting together in fellowship and encouraging one another.  The pretty things we create are an added bonus. 

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