• A Makers Studio’s New & Improved Website

    Are you a Creative? Maybe you're a DIYer who loves a new craft project and making old things new again. Do you own a craft business creating beautiful products for your customers? Are you a Blogger focusing on crafts and creative ideas? If yes, then YOU are the person I'm talking to. You need to hear about the new and improved A Makers' Studio website.

    A Makers Studio

    I love when a company listens to its affiliates and its customers. A Makers Studio has done just that. They have improved not only their products (which are amazing), but they have changed their process and improved their website to make ordering easier. Here's a biggie… A Makers Studio is no longer a direct sales company, but is an affiliate program. And it is one of the best affiliate programs around today! I know of no other affiliate program around that starts at 20% commission with the opportunity to earn more than that.

    At the end of this post I have a GIVEAWAY for you.

    New and Improved A Makers’ Studio Website

    This post contains links to products that I use and highly recommend. If you should order any product through this site, I may receive compensation, but you do not pay a penny more.

    Over the past several months, I’ve shared some projects I’ve made using products from A Maker’s Studio. I have never been disappointed with any of the products I've purchased from A Makers Studio. I also love that A Makers Studio is on a mission to help end human trafficking. You can learn more about his mission here.

    The first thing you may notice on the A Makers’ Studio home page is at the very top.

    A Makers Studio Free Shipping on orders over $25; New and improved A Makers' Studio website and affiliate program

    Free shipping on all orders over $25.00! That’s a lot of savings.


    Across the top of the home page is a clearly organized menu of products. Each has a drop down menu so you can easily find the product you are looking for.

    Clear dropdown menu

    Each section has a drop down menu, like this one for the paints.

    ChalkArt, Gel Art Ink, Rescue Restore Paint

    The drop down menu for the stencils/stamps divides them into categories for easy searching.

    Mesh Stencils

    If you're more of a visual shopper, you can access all of the product information by clicking on these images.

    A Makers Studio products; New and improved A Makers' Studio website and affiliate program


    Under each product you'll find individual images, titles, prices and project ideas. You'll even find new color swatches for all of the Rescue Restore Paint, Gel Art Ink, and ChalkArt.


    When you click on a color you like, that particular color will pop up with more information.


    Another example is the GelArt Ink

    A Makers Studio GelArt Ink

    When you click on the one you like, you'll be taken to that ink's product page.

    A Makers Studio GelArt Ink

    The process is the same whether you're searching for paints, stencils, tools or finishes. Here is the Paris Font stencil.

    A Makers Studio Paris Font Mesh Stencil

    When you hover over the stencil, this project idea pops up.

    A Makers Studio Project using Mesh Stencil and GelArt Ink


    A Makers' Studio now has a BLOG. There is a link to it on the home page and also under the LEARN MORE menu tab. There are also Tutorials available under the Learn More tab. The reason: we don't just want you to buy products; we want you to know how to use them. Tutorials include supply lists, step-by-step instructions, as well as videos.

    A Makers Studio Blog


    If you are looking for information on becoming a Maker Boss, that area is clearly shown. Not only can you become a Maker Affiliate, we now offer the option to become a Makers' Studio Retailer (perfect if you own a brick and mortar store or do large events). If you decide you'd like to become a Maker affiliate and/or retailer, you'll be asked for a Parent ID. You can use my ID 815363. I'd love to help you along your journey.

    An easy~to~read graphic explains the simple steps to become a Maker.

    A Makers Studio Affiliate Program


    A Makers’ Studio now uses Shopify for ordering. The first time you order, even if you have been a previous customer, you will be asked to create an account. The process is so easy. You'll receive a confirmation email and be kept up~to~date on your shipping and delivery. And remember, no shipping costs for orders over $25.00.

    If you have any questions about a product, a project, becoming a #makerboss, or anything else, please message me.

    In celebration of all of the amazing changes that have come to A Makers' Studio, I’m GIVING AWAY THIS BUNDLE from A Makers’ Studio to one lucky reader: 1 small stencil, 1 jar ChalkArt, 1 tube Gel Art Ink, 1 (2oz) Rescue Restore Paint, and a ChalkART Spreader. The bundle is a $41.00 retail value. The GIVEAWAY starts today and goes through Friday, May 24th, at midnight Eastern Time. To enter just sign up for my Newsletter.

    Giveaway of A Makers Studio Products

    Click on the image above or here to sign up for the GIVEAWAY. (You do have to click on Subscribe at the bottom of the form to insure that your entry goes through.) I’ll announce the winner on Saturday, May 25th.

    Needless to say, I'm pretty dang excited about the new and improved A Makers' Studio website and affiliate program.

  • Be a Difference Maker, A Makers Studio, AMS, Maker

    Become a Difference Maker with A Makers Studio

    A Makers Studio, Join AMS, Be a Difference Maker

    The Journey with A Makers Studio is really quite simple… make with joy, teach with passion, mentor with love, and serve with grace.  As a result, we are able to make a difference in not only our own lives, but the lives of others.

    As a Maker, I wake up every day with a purpose.  My creativity and passion to continue to build my own business while encouraging other women is my purpose. I love that AMS offers all of the support and tools needed to become a stronger creative while also encouraging me in my spiritual life as well.

    Have you been on the fence about joining our A Makers Studio Family?  If so, I’m offering a special incentive for anyone who joins my team this weekend.   This offer expires midnight Eastern time February 24, 2019.  Visit my website to take your first step today!

    Why Did I Become A Maker?

    I love the product quality and variety of products that A Maker Studio offers, however, that isn't all that drew me to this company. The founder of AMS, Amy Howard, is a renowned furniture maker, painter, and interior decorator with over 30 years experience. Amy incorporates her Faith into this company and encourages us in our spiritual walks while also mentoring us in our businesses.

    One of A Makers Studio's goals is to help end human trafficking. AMS employs amazing women who have been rescued from the horrors of human trafficking. These women have been trained and are Artisan Candle Makers. They hand pour all of our Difference Makers Candles and are grateful for their freedom. A Makers Studio's values and mission are inline with my own values and beliefs. I would love to have you join our team. Feel free to message me on Facebook or contact me here on the website if I can answer any questions for you.

    Want To Try A Sample?

    I have some samples available for sale if you would like to try out some of our products. You can find the information over at this blog post.

  • Why Did I Choose AMS, A Makers Studio

    Why did I choose A Makers Studio?

    A Makers Studio, AMS

    A Makers Studio products are phenomenal.  I love the quality and variety of products we carry at AMS; but even more important to me are the company's values and mission.  Making a difference in people’s lives and seeing their excitement when they not only create beautiful pieces, but also when we connect with one another makes my heart smile.

    God placed me in this company because He knew that not only was it a perfect fit for me creatively, but also spiritually. I love that we openly support and pray for one another. It’s refreshing that Amy, the owner, encourages us in our spiritual walks and pours into us mentoring us in our businesses as well.

    Difference Maker Candles

    Help AMS End Human Trafficking

    One of A Makers Studio‘s goals is to help end human trafficking. Women rescued from the horrors of human trafficking are our Artisan Candle Makers. They hand pour all of the AMS Difference Makers Candles. They are so appreciative of their blessings and take pride in their work.

    I can’t wait to see where God takes us on this journey. I am at Home with A Makers Studio.

    Home with AMS, A Makers Studio
    Welcome Home

    Want to join our A Makers Studio Family?  I would love to answer any questions you may have.  

  • FREE DIY Class Gathering

    DIY Class Invite

    You're invited to our upcoming FREE DIY class! After crafting together, you'll 3 leave with your own piece of DIY home décor and be inspired to do your own projects at home.  Whether you think you're creative or not, you we will walk you through all of the steps.

    Our easy-to-use materials and creative tools will make it super easy and fun to DIY all the time!

    At this class, we will be making stone coasters. You will have the opportunity to choose whatever design you want to put on your coasters, as well as your colors. Here's just one example you can choose to create.

    AMS Stone Coasters

    10% of all sales from the Class will be donated to Facing Giants. Facing Giants is a nonprofit organization in my local community that has a mission to empower and motivate the youth in our area while building a stronger community and bringing awareness and help to the various issues our youth are facing.

    Visit www.amakersstudio.com to see wide variety of products available.

    Please join us 11am-12:30pm on March 2, 2019. 

    Want to place an order to support Facing Giants, but can't attend the class, message me or place your order online and let me know you would like it applied to this class.

    We’ll be gathering for our FREE DIY class at Steel Fortress Coffee
    346 H M Cagle Drive
    Cameron, NC 28326

     Looking forward to seeing you! 

    Click the following link to reserve your free spot today.


    Read about why I chose to join A Makers' Studio HERE.

  • Try a Sample

    Get Your Sample Today!

    Have you been heard about this new company called A Makers' Studio and wanted to try out the products, but have been hesitant to make a purchase? Now's your chance to try a sample of ChalkArt and a mesh stencil from A Makers’ Studio for only $9.95 (FREE SHIPPING). You will also receive a small spreader and wood box frame.

    Why ChalkART and Stencils?

    A Makers' Studio ChalkArt™ is all about versatility. ChalkArt is a water-based chalk paste that can easily be used to customize wood, glass, plastic, and nearly any other non-porous surface. ChalkArt dries in about 15 minutes. You can easily clean ChalkArt off with a wet rag; however, if you want to make your designs permanent apply our Matte Sealer or spray with your favorite polycrylic sealer.

    A Makers Studio ChalkArt

    These patented Tri-Mesh adhesive stencils can be combined with a variety of surfaces to create endlessly customized DIY home décor. Use them in conjunction with our ChalkArt, Rescue Restore Paint, and gilding for a variety of design options. These stencils can be used multiple times on almost any surface. Simple to clean using water.

    Grace Gather Grateful Stencil

    Join in the fun of customizing weddings and events, hostessing like a pro with beautifully designed placemats, creating magazine-worthy furniture updates, and more. Get your ChalkArt and Stencil Sample now while supplies last.

    AMS ChalkArt and Stencil Sample Order

    Buy Now

  • A Makers Studio Gel Art Ink

    Gel Art Ink

    A Makers Studio Gel Art Ink lays rich, permanent color on fabrics, apparel, upholstery and most soft surfaces. When paired with A Makers' Studio stencils, you can create your own wearable art or customize your decor with vibrant pops of color.

    To use, just squeeze a nickel-sized amount of Gel Art Ink onto a working surface and load onto your spreader. Apply ink evenly onto the stencil, remove any excess, and gently pull up your stencil. Allow your design to dry 3-4 hours. Set your design with heat by covering stenciled area with a soft cotton cloth and passing over it with a warm iron for several minutes.

    Be sure to wash your stencil with water because you don't want the ink drying in the mesh part of the stencil.

    You can also heat set using your heat press set on 250 degrees for about 30 seconds.

    Visit www.amakersstudio.comfor more info.

  • A Makers Studio ChalkArt

    A Makers’ Studio ChalkArt

    A Makers’ Studio ChalkArt™ is all about versatility. Use this water-based chalk paste to easily customize your furniture, tabletop décor, glass, and nearly any other non-porous surface.

    What you’ll love:

    • After drying for just 15 minutes, you will have a beautiful piece of lettering or artwork that will leave people wondering, “how did she do it?”
    • Change up your design later by simply cleaning your piece with a wet rag and creating something brand new!
    • Pair with our uniquely detailed (and patented!) mesh decorative stencils to create truly professional designs on almost any surface over and over again.

    Join in the fun of customizing weddings and events, hostessing like a pro with beautifully designed placemats, creating magazine-worthy furniture updates, and more with ChalkArt™.

  • A Makers’ Studio is Changing Lives!

    Hey Friends! What if I told you there's a way to make beautiful signs, chalkboards, window designs, etc without the frustration of design software (Silhouette, Cricut, Sure Cuts a Lot), and without the need for weeding and transfer tape?   

    I have some amazing news! 

    All these products were made were made with NO cutting, weeding  or transfer tape! Now YOU can make signs without a fancy shmancy cutting machine!!

    I joined A Makers' Studio this month and have been amazed at their products.  I have done direct sales in the past and always said NEVER AGAIN!  Don't we usually wind up eating our words?  

    A Makers' Studio is a brand new direct sales company that launched October 2018. They sell paint, gel stain, ChalkArt paste, waxes, candles, stamps, REUSABLE MESH STENCILS and more!!! These stencils are basically like the stencils you used to cut and weed with your fancy machine; however, these are REUSABLE, don't require weeding, and have much more detail!  

    Here are a few answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

    1) What is this ChalkArt stuff?  
    ChalkArt is a thick chalk-like material. It has a consistency similar to sour cream and dries hard to the touch in less than 5 minutes. This means you can rub your hand over your design and it's not going anywhere unless YOU want it to!  When you're ready to change out the design, just spray with water and wipe away the design. If you are using the ChalkArt on surfaces you want the design to be permanent on, just use a spray sealer.

    2) If I sign up as a Maker how much does it cost, what do I get?

    As of today, the starter kit is $99 plus shipping. 

    3) How do you clean the stencils? 
    Stencils clean up with just water.  You can also use a little soap and water to clean them. Wash, lay face down flat to dry, and then put it back on the backing sheet.

    4) Will the market get saturated with everyone having the same designs? 
    Everyone who makes signs and refinishes furniture are already using a lot of the same designs! The difference is what you do to make your finished products unique.  Mix and match designs to create something amazing.  There are so many options available.  

    5) Do you offer Training? 
    Yes! I offer one-on-one calls, as well as Team trainings.  A Makers Studio and our Team Leaders also offer valuable in depth trainings.

    I hope this answers a few of your questions. Please feel free to email or message me if you would like more info.  If you would like to join our team of highly motivated Makers, head over to www.amakersstudio.com and click the “BECOME A MAKER” button.  

    Happy Creating!

  • Enter for a Free Giveaway


    To enter, all you have to do is click on the link below and create a FREE customer account.

    Make sure my ID is listed in the referral section (ID# 815363) for it to count.

    Do you have friends who may be interested? Get them to create a FREE account too, and you can get extra entries! Just let me know once they have created their account!

    <<<<<FREE ACCOUNT>>>>>

  • New Adventures

    I'm beyond excited to announce one of my brand new adventures! You still have to wait a while to learn where the Air Force is moving us next ;-).

    I resigned from Chalk Couture and am now a Maker with A Makers Studio! This is a fairly new company that publicly launched in October 2018.

    Some of the products include paint, wax, gel stain, brushes, stamps, stencils, and chalk art! A Makers Studio has everything you need to rescue/restore or have a great time with your friends at a Gathering!

    I know that everything happens for a reason and firmly believe this is where I need to be at this season in our lives. I was excited to find out that A Maker's Studio is faith based, positive, and the goals are not only to share crafts, but to share life experiences and love.

    This company is making a difference. Our product line also includes candles. A Makers’ Studio employs human-trafficking survivors in making these artisanal candles. The more candles we sell, the more lives can be changed for the better. Proceeds from A Makers’ Studio sales benefit Palmer’s Home for Children and the Human Trafficking Institute.

    I will also begin offering regular gatherings for my crafty customers! These will be virtual, taught by me, and kits can be purchased directly from my website! If you would like to schedule an in-person class, let me know. I'd be glad to do that as well.

    I can't wait to share more with all of you! For now, head to my website and check it out at www.amakersstudio.com